About Matt

Now a little bit About Me

My name is Matt Lowe and I am a world renowned animal trainer and behaviorist. I been in the industry for over 25 years, worked in many countries around the world and has trained many different species of animals from exotics such as Dolphins, Whales, Sealions, Parrots, Eagles, etc to domestics such as Dogs, Cats, Horses, Goats, Pigs, Fish, etc. I have also trained animals for TV, Movies and Commercials, giving me an exceptional perspective on training techniques.

All my training techniques are based out force free training and positive reinforcement. I believe you should have a trusting loving relationship with your pets with clear communication that you both understand and always, always, always set them up to SUCEED!

I have also worked on many motion pictures and commercials with the like of Disney productions, training dogs, cats and birds. I also teach people how to correct behavioural issue in their home, giving pet owner the knowledge and skills to have the relationship with their pet that they always wanted.